Piers Morgan Allegedly Slams Madonna & 'Raising Malawi'

GivingTracker| Piers Morgan has allegedly given CNN executives a list of people who won’t be on his talk show, replacing Larry King, and Madonna is at the top of the list. Morgan allegedly says that ‘Raising Malawi’ is only a publicity stunt. Note that TMZ launched the allegation, which hasn’t been confirmed in the ‘reputable’ press like BBC.

We wait for clarification from Piers Morgan regarding his view on Raising Malawi — which has been controversial with fundamentalists and right-wing Conservatives — from the outset. They do not approve of Madonna’s spiritual/religious views and try to discredit her at every opportunity.

More often than not, fundamentalists and right-wing Conservatives don’t approve of educating girls and women in developing either. Read on: Piers Morgan Allegedly Slams Madonna’s ‘Raising Malawi’ As Publicity Stunt.