Photoshop As Mental Masturbation Among Marketers

Body | Beauty | Culture Debenhams Says that it won’t use Photoshopped photos in its new swim catalogue. This is great news, but confusing, too, based on all the instructions required to ‘perfect’ the model’s body in this photos. 

Looking at the results, we think that Photoshop is totally out of control. Big business has no money for R&D but we spend huge sums of money on marketing, improving photos like this one to inspire women to buy more products.

In this case, the graphics work is total mental masturbation, and if this is the ‘creativity’ work in marketing departments, budget cuts are in order.

We vote for investments in factories, equipment, people’s education. The photos are on Sensuality News and trust us — the original model looks just fine unretouched. 

For starters, she looks REAL and THAT is inspiring. Anne