Pew Research | Americans Divide Three Ways on Family Structure Trends

HopeTracker| A new Pew Research survey on American attitudes on changes in family structure comes at a prime time.

Thankfully, the men of South Dakota withdrew their proposed legislation making the killing of abortion providers and anyone assisting — the receptionist, the wife and mother, the grandmother — a justifiable homicide.

In Washington one Republican Mike Pence has taken on the responsibility of ending all funding to Planned Parenthood, the largest provider of women’s health services to American women.

Agreeing that Planned Parenthood doesn’t use any federal funds for abortion, Pence argues that because some Americans — mostly older Republican men —  object to Planned Parenthood, ALL funding should be cut off for ALL American women.

Catholics for Choice released this press release today:

Catholics for Choice is deeply ashamed that one of the groups at the forefront of the continued attacks on Planned Parenthood clinics is the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. Time and again we have seen US bishops, individually and collectively, denounce the excellent work done by these clinics and their staff.

Today’s attempt in Congress to defund Planned Parenthood is part of a vicious, deceptive smear to destroy an organization that plays a vital role in providing basic health services to millions of Americans.

PPFA clinics use federal funds to reach the poor and marginalized. They play a particularly important role given the current economic situation that has hit other services dramatically. These clinics are often the first line of defense for women and men who would not otherwise be able to access reproductive health services in their communities. In addition, the clinics provide vital information about avoiding sexually transmitted diseases as well as assisting women who want to be pregnant.

The US bishops have failed to convince Catholics in the pews to support the bishops’ complete opposition to contraception and abortion. The bishops’ ongoing attacks on PPFA clinics are another way of enforcing their wishes on all Americans, Catholic or not.

The People Have Spoken

House Speaker John Boehner’s favorite expression is “The people have spoken,” as if Americans speak with a unified voice on family values.

Rather than worry for one moment about jobs or the economy, John Boehner and his fellow Republicans have declared war on American women. It’s not a new war, but it’s bordering on his giving permission to do whatever is necessary to get American women in line.

The results of a a new Pew Research Survey support my argument that Republican men in particular have launched a full-scale attack on American women.

Many American women are tired of speaking calmly on this subject. I’ve been accused of being emotional on this topic. What’s that famous line? Frankly, Scarlett, I don’t give a damn.

Five decades of rational discussion with the men of America are leaving American women worse off than ever.  The white gloves are off.

To set John Boehner and Republican men straight, the country is divided in thirds on seven key questions on changes in family structure. Under NO circumstances, do the majority of Americans support cutting off ALL funding to Planned Parenthood — particularly when no federal funds support abortions — based on this view of American attitudes.

The majority of Americans do NOT agree that poor women in particular, should lose all access to reproductive health care information.

Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, John Boehner, the Catholic bishops, Southern Baptist leadership and are Rejecters. They are in the minority of Americans. They can package family values however they want. They are in the MINORITY!

 A majority say five of the seven changes are bad for society; the only trends they generally accept are interracial marriage and fewer women having children. They are the only group in which a majority (61%) says it is harmful for mothers of small children to work outside the home. Whites, older adults, Republicans, the religiously observant and married adults are overrepresented in this group.

About a third (31%) of survey respondents are Accepters, with half to two-thirds saying these trends make no difference to society. Those who have an opinion have a positive one about the trends. Women, Hispanics, East Coast residents and adults who seldom or never attend religious services are more likely than others to be represented in this group.

In the online survey that you can take, I’m not out of alignment with the majority answering this simple questionnaire, except for one question. I do believe that mixed racial unions are positive for America.

I am a Skeptic, sharing most of the more tolerant views of the Accepters but differing with the Accepters on the importance of having fathers around to raise children. Young people, Democrats and political independents, and minorities are disproportionately more likely to be in this group called Skeptics.

The full study is available online and I’ll be reading it. The Republican men of America have scared the wits out of millions of women in the last few weeks. The Pew Research survey reminds us that the men in power — and America is a patriarchy, unlike many, many other countries in Europe and Latin America — ARE the most conservative in their views about women’s rights. 

As Catholics for Choice remind us all, large numbers of conservatives will take on birth control next. This survey supports that argument. 43% of Rejecters believe it is bad for society that a women doesn’t have children.

Do not kid yourself, my dear readers. Speaker John Boehner will take on birth control next, with endless regulations around its dispensation. Entering a woman’s relationship with her doctor, Boehner will follow the Pope’s bidding, requiring that we take a class on how we fail the country as women by not having a baby. Only then will we be given a prescription for birth control.

Anything is possible in our future, as the Republican men move aggressively against American women.

In certain states, I expect this legislation to be introduced soon.

The men of America want total control over women’s bodies and in all honesty, the life of every American woman will soon be governed by the Vatican. Muslim, Methodist, Lutheran, Jewish, Unitarian — it doesn’t matter. You will take your orders from Rome. Anne

These are my answers to the Pew Research Survey.