PepsiCo's Business Deal With Mexican Farmers Brings Real Benefits

GivingTracker| PepsiCo is doing business differently in Mexico, cultivating a direct relationship with 300 small farmers who no longer sell their corn to middlemen. In the past, the farmers went north to work as illegal immigrants, often to pay off debts in a fluctuating commodity market.

Many large corporations are working to help small communities and farmers by guaranteeing both purchase and price of crops for small farmers,enabling them to get credit. The farmers have seen a steady increase in incomes and a real impact on illegal immigration to the US. Pepsi will soon expand their program to support sbout 850 sunflower seed growers.

“We are seeing an increased focus by companies looking to see how they can use their core capabilities for public good rather than simply writing a big check,” said Gaurav Gupta, regional director for Asia at Dalberg Global Development Advisors, a consulting firm focused on international development. “They’re starting to realize that the marginal cost of doing a little extra good produces such a great impact — and not only in terms of good will, but also because it’s good for business.”

This is a long, informative article at the NYTimes. Read on PepsiCo’s Deal With Mexican Farmers Is Good for Business.