Penelope Cruz Talks Trésor Fragrance, Aging and New Marriage

ArtTracker| It seems that every woman has experienced significant doubts about her self-image. First Demi Moore and now Penélope Cruz speak openly about the challenges of feeling comfortable in her own skin. How interesting that every woman seems to think she should be somebody else.

Penélope, as the new face of Lancôme’s Trésor perfume, gives an in-depth and interesting interview to the Daily Mail. Cruz got married earlier this month in a small, family ceremony in the Bahamas to Javier Bardem, who she first met at age 17, making the sexy art house film Jamón Jamón.

The actress talks extensively about aging, citing the European Mediterranean philosophy about older women:

“I was very close to both of my grandmothers growing up – they lived long into old age and they were always beautiful to me. They loved life and it showed in their faces. Of course, my face will change as I get older, but that’s OK. The people who love me love me for what I am. They love me for that mixture of things that makes anyone love another person, and those things will still be there when I am 40, 60 or 80. It’s a good thing to be old. Because when you get older, that means you haven’t died yet, right? And when I do get older, I want to have the grace to be proud of it, not to lie about it or try to fight it.’ via Daily Mail