Palin Bags Caribou But Rudolph Escapes Victoria's Secret In Ratings

Dots| We missed it! Underscoring the Modern values belief that more of everything is better in America, Victoria’s Secret released details about the massive impact last week’s televised Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show had on our sensual sensibilities.

According to Victoria’s Secret “Sexy by the Numbers,” there were 968 crew members, 125 pounds of glitter, 90 feet of runway, 6-inch average heel height, 21 pairs of handcrafted wings, 180 man hours per wing, 240,000 Swarovski crystals, over $20 million of fine jewelry, 18 make-up artists, 19 hairstylists, 150 feet of hair extensions, 60 tubes of lip gloss, 2,100 balloons, 9 Olympic gymnasts, 40 high definition cameras, 185 countries watching and $1 million of Waterford crystals, all in ONE night. ‘WOW!” says Chicago Now.

Same here. We are really impressed! Minor issue, though. 185 countries might have been watching, but ‘Rudolph’ drew more viewers on CBS November 30th. You understand. Flying reindeer, angels … it all fits together. Coming back to business earth, strategic growth and boring financial minutiae, Anne writes Totally Baffled By Victoria’s Secret Branding Strategy. Perhaps it’s time to put America’s top Mama Grizzlie in charge.