Pakistan Stresses Cooperation on Times Square Bombing

US Pakistan work on Times Square bombingLove | Peace Today’s headlines Pakistan about last weekend’s Times Square botched bombing are conflicting. writes in one new article that US authorities believe that Pakistani-American Faisal Shahzad acted alone. But in a second article US mounts pressure on Pakistan over NY plot, Dawn writes that senior officials in Washington believe that the failed attempt has ‘clear links’ with Pakistan.

Assistant Secretary of State Philip J. Crowley, US Ambassador Anne Patterson, and US special envoy Richard Holbrooke are all working closely with top Pakistani officials on the case.

The Dawn is a very thoughtful media source and may not represent the views of larger numbers of more militant Pakistanis. But its current reporting is one of calm and concern in Pakistan about the attempted bombing.

The article also reinforces the positive statements made by New York’s Mayor Bloomberg and other high-ranking officials condemning any anti-Muslim or anti-Pakistani backlash here in the US.

Al Jazeera is unusually quiet on such an important event. Today’s London Times writes that Faisal Shahzad ‘carried out a dry run’ before the Times Square attack and adds additional details about all the missteps that thankfully contributed to the bomb not going off and Shahzad being quickly identified and traced, including leaving all his keys in the ignition.

Most readers know that Faisal Shahzad comes from a well-established, successful family in Pakistan. Articles stress that US officials are confounded by his ‘liberal and educated’ background. In my reading on terrorism, this is exactly the ‘type’ of future militant that greatly concerns terrorism experts. There will be more of them in the future.