Oscar de la Renta Condemns Michelle's Power Dress

Doug Mills; the New York TimesRedTracker| I will include Oscar de la Renta’s negative comments about First Lady Michelle Obama’s brilliant Alexander McQueen dress as an addendum to a comment I just read on the NYTimes website.

America needs powerful women, not mousey creatures who do as we’re told all the time. Strong women are at perhaps an all-time low in America, so I was thrilled beyond words with the First Lady’s superb dress.

The comment at the NYTimes, which has over 1000 likes is:

It’s wonderful how that dress renders two of the most powerful men in the world completely invisible.


Take that, Oscar de la Renta. You should be #3.

Michelle Obama is totally devoted to American interests and on occasion she likes to shine brightly, combining her “handsomely” beautiful good looks, brains and bravura in a statement that says there are some women still capable of holding their own against the American patriarchy.

Give the woman a damn break! She looks fabulous, a bright spot in a whole lot of American doom and gloom. They say women don’t know when to shut up. Would someone please put a muzzle on Oscar de la Renta, once and for all. I’m tired of his relentless critiizing of America’s First Lady. What bad taste! Is Oscar in the Tea Party? Anne