Original Amal Habbani, Another Lubna Ahmed Hussein

Beyond the Veil| Several readers have inquired about Amal Habbani.

On July 20, 2009 the General discipline police authority in Sudan filed a complain against the young female Sudanese reporter Amal Habbani, editor of the column “Tiny Issues” in Ajrass Al Horreya (Freedom Bells) paper after Amal wrote an article on July 12, 2009 supporting her colleague Lubna Al Hussein.

Amal was questioned by the press and publication prosecution on July 20, 2009. The complain is based on the article #159 of the criminal law regarding defaming. The general discipline police authority claimed a compensation of 10 million Sudanese pounds amounting to $400,000 to paid by the reporter,Amal.

Amal wrote an article titled “ Lubna…A Case Of Subduing Woman’s Body”, in which she asserted that Lubna’s case is not at all about dressing up style , but rather a political one to intimidate and terrorize opponents with the general discipline law, most oppressive to women.