'Oprah's Next Chapter' | Evening TV Global Road Show

RedTracker| The answer to the question ‘will Oprah go another show’ has been answered. Oprah announced today that she plans to launch a new show appropriately named ‘Oprah’s Next Chapter’, a global affairs evening show that will debut probably late in 2011.

The show will air perhaps two-three times weekly on OWN, Oprah Winfrey Network, the globetrotting talk show channel owned 50-50 with Discovery Communications Inc.

In the new format Oprah will hit the international road, taking celebs with her to investigate and show off issues that matter from China to Egypt.

Tom Friedman uses the term Newocrats today, describing a presently Democratic-leaning group of new-idea people. Many are globalists like Anne of Carversville readers. Oprah’s new programming strategy should appeal to all these groups.

There’s some concern about how many of her daytime viewers will follow her to nights at OWN. But also there’s an opportunity to pick up working women and men who don’t presently watch her daytime. via WSJ