Oprah & Michael Moore: Is Oprah Taking On Capitalism?

Michael Moore’s latest film “Capitalism: A Love Story” premieres today at the Venice film festival. This time Moore takes on Wall Street with a conclusion that most media outlets embrace: capitalism is evil.

Blending his trademark humor with tragic individual stories, archive footage and publicity stunts, the 55-year-old launches an attack on the capitalist system, arguing that it benefits the rich and condemns millions to poverty. via NYTimes

Michael Moore will promote “Capitalism: A Love Story” on Oprah, Sept. 22 2009.It’s ironic that Moore’s populism hasn’t prevented him from making his own big deal with Oprah.

While the media calls ‘foul’, Oprah nails down a capitalist-strategy media embargo on interviews (the NYTimes Sept. 20 mag interview got in under the deal-making wire) until after Michael Moore appears with Oprah on Sept. 22. Who can fight it? As BlackBook says: The Oprah platform is unparalleled within the media-scape—a promotional boon worth a million lower-profile interviews.

Michael Moore’s “Capitalism: A Love Story”

With the G20 meeting in Pittsburgh September 24-25, Fall 2009, expect to see more debates on ‘capitalism’ than we’ve heard since Seattle.

You remember Seattle, don’t you? 1999. America’s been snoozing since then. Perhaps Michael Moore and Oprah will fly in a few 747s, packed with European activists to spark up the occasion. Anne