Operation Rescue in Deep Financial Trouble

RedTracker| Operation Rescue’s self-proclaimed ‘pro-life martyr’ Randall Terry will be protesting on Thurs. and Fri. outside Washington’s Sidwell Friends school, where the Obama daughters Sasha and Malia attend classes. The protest is planned over the students’ lunch hour.

As always, Terry will be showing pictures of healthy and aborted babies. See Operation Rescue press release.

Operation Rescue is facing a “major financial crisis” and is eminently close to shutting down unless emergency funding arrives soon.

Troy Newmann, the antiabortion group’s president, reports that donations this year are down 30 to 40 percent, as a result of the economy but also a backlash against the killing of George Tiller in Wichita. Newmann denies a correlation between the murder and a decline in donations, but Operation Rescue’s phone number and name of an official were found in the  car of the man charged in the killing. via Washington Post

According to the Washington Post, other groups in the abortion fray have not reported a similar decline in contributions.