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RedTracker| This post is via Style Bubble. I just adore the name Old Ladies Rebellion! I see it, feel it, love it.

This will be me … someday. 25-year-old Fanny Karst, the designer of OLR was trained at Central Saint Martins and is the niece of designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac.

Fanny sells her line of “straight and bold - no fuss, no frills” clothes for old ladies from her uncle’s store in London’t Saville Row. Her clothes look nothing like his, but she’s tapped into his own rebellious spirit.

The oldest model in the Old Ladies’ Rebellion is 80, the youngest 60. These dazzling dames all have white hair, variously chignoned, bobbed or bunned. One of them strolls with a silver-topped walking stick; perhaps she has another use for it, once she takes her hair down.

Karst works in washed silk, colored in mututed, smokey French deco colors.

Style Bubble features many photos from the website (also available there).

Fanny designs is a basic shift style that flows over a woman’s body. The clothes are practical but edgy, really stylin’ with a fresh attitude.

There are jokes in here: cheeky, colourful epaulettes which alight like birds of paradise on monochrome shoulders; one T-shirt (worn underneath a silver bomber jacket) that says: “Not at your age”; another that proclaims: “Let’s begin at the end”. The jokes are part of the passion. (The Observer)

‘The more daring it is, the better it works’ … Fanny Karst discusses her collection with UK Observer’s Katherine Whitehorn, who is in her 80s.What I love most is the duality of a young woman launching her career with her grandmother and 83-year-old Andrée Putnam as muses. These are clothes with a sensual, strong-woman affirming attitude for women who refuse to go quietly into the night.

Inspiring! Anne