Old Ladies Rebellion Condemns Sudan's Flogging of 40,000 Mostly Women A Year

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RoseTracker| Make no mistake. That flogging video in Sudan has crystallized our thinking across every channel of this website. We talk fashion, flogging and fabulosity — Ageless Fabulosity that is.

We are so mad over the persistent flogging of women around the world, we may all go as naked as (Dr.) Alex B and Dr. Carla Johnson, who are as angry and unnerved over this Sudanese flogging as we are.

Mark our words: the Old Ladies Rebellion has begun. The past year was only a warmup.

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We have new articles and images in our just-launched Ageless Fabulosity series, focused on women over 50. I’m sure you agree that Alex B looks like she has many more mountains to climb in life. Both Alex B and Carla are totally integrated women who are ready to rumble on behalf of women worldwide.

Do not mess with women over 50. And you thought we were shrinking violets! No way. In this first article, we enjoy looking at Alex B with her clothes on.

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Alex B by Suki WildsAlex B’s lovely nude photos are posted at Sensuality News. If I were just a bit more daring, I would post the one in which she’s holding a whip — only for effect, of course.

Whoever said that God wanted women whipped because a gang of men rolling around in a truck in Khartoum decided that a woman’s trousers are too tight and dumping her in the truck like trash (see another video).? We are inclilned to start an international petition asking that these out-of-control, laughing whippers be lashed themselves. 

Perhaps we can bring a bit of humanity to the flogging process. Anne is awaiting her instructions from Sudan.

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Alex B by Paddy JohnstonIf you missed (Dr) Alex B and Dr Carla Johnson’s initial interviews last week, they are here.

Ageless Fabulosity | (Dr.) Alex Interviewed by Dr. Carla Johnson

Ageless Fabulosity | Dr. Carla Johnson Interviewed by (Dr.) Alex B