Obese French Women Have 4x The Unplanned Pregnancies

Body | Beauty | Sex French and British researchers have interviewed 12,364 French men and women between 18 and 69 who were obese (BMI over 30), overweight (BMI 25-29) and of normal weight. The interviews were conducted by telephone. Although not stated, we assume that participants were contacted via their French medical records and didn’t self-report their BMIs.

Obese women had less sex than women of normal weight, but they also had four times the number of unplanned pregnancies. Obese women under 30 were much less likely to ask for contraceptives. They wre five times more likely to meet men over the Internet, more likely to watch pornography but less likely to consider sex as important in their lives.

Unlike obese men who were significantly more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunciton, the obese women were’ found to suffer sexual dysfunction. Obese men were more likely to experience sexually transmitted diseases. Read on AOL News