Obama Gets Real About Making NYC the Target of Response to the Khalid Sheik Mohammed Trial

Love and Peace| Ever since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks I’ve worred about the safety of my favorite dame in the world. Even though I live in lower Manhattan, I don’t mind being under surveillance.  When that White House plane swooped into lower Manhattan without warning to take pics around the Statue of Liberty, it didn’t say much about military coordination in lower Manhattan.

It’s ridiculous that I would advise the Department of Homeland Security, but is everyone aware that ‘she’ is a sitting duck from a Liberty State Park, holster-missle firing? You have to know this, but I used to run along the water there after 9/11 and she asked me to convey her concerns.

Given the failing grades our government (Obama and Bush) gets on protecting us from bioterror since 9/11, I’m thrilled to hear that the little powers in and around New York City have pursueded US Attorney General Eric Holder to reconsider his plan to make New York City and my buddy Ms Liberty sitting ducks in the war on terror. Read on Take the Khalid Sheik Mohammed Trial to DC.

My grandmother had some saying about common sense and taking an ounce of prevention … Anne