Oakland's Legalize Pot Movement Gains Steam

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When the topic is marijuana, Oakland is called Oaksterdam. The city is increasingly viewed as a model for what legalizing pot would look like. The economic, social-wellbeing vision isn’t necessarily a sight for sore eyes, unless you’re a member of California’s law enforcement union.

Proponents of legalizing marijuana in California argue that it could raise desperately needed green to the tune of $1.3 billion in tax revenue. Even California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger say that “it’s time for a debate”.

In February, Attorney General Eric Holder stunned critics when he announced that the feds would cease raiding medical-marijuana dispensaries that are authorized under state law. “People are no longer outraged by the idea of legalization,” wrote former San Francisco mayor Willie Brown in a recent op-ed. “And truth be told, there is just too much money to be made both by the people who grow marijuana and the cities and counties that would be able to tax it.” via Newsweek

In a report Costs of Marijuana Prohibition: Economic Analysis, Harvard economist Jeffrey Miron has estimated that the cost of cannabis prohibition is $13 billion annually, with an additional $7 billion lost in potential tax revenue.

More facts from Newsweek:

-Presently 13 states allow medical marijuana, with 12 more states involved in legalization campaigns.

-A move to collect the 434,000 signatures to put a California-legalization measure on the 2010 is underway, financed by Don Perata with $1 million of his own money.

-In April 2009 ABC/Washington Post survey showed 46% of Americans support legalization measures, up from 22% in 1997.

Back in 1972, President Nixon’s “War on Drugs” — the National Commission on Marijuana and Drug Abuse — used Congress to decriminalize marijuana for personal uses. Anne

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