NYTimes Update On Burqa Ban Debate

Today’s NYTimes article doesn’t add any significant information to our ongoing discussion about Muslim women voluntarily choosing to cover themselves in Western societies.

A woman wearing a niqab passed a bookstore at the annual meeting of the Islamic Organizations Union in Le Bourget, in the northeastern suburbs of Paris in 2005.As Pixie told us weeks ago, the garment under discussion is the niqab, not the burqa.

M’hammed Henniche is the secretary for the private Union of Muslim Associations of Seine-Saint-Denis. Henniche says that there are laws in France that force women to show their face, in certain situations, like the town hall or the bank. “Women who wear niqab take it off when they must. But in the streets, everyone is free. They’re spinning this story in order to stigmatize a community.” (This was news for me.) Anne