NYTimes | FOX News: Equally Dogmatic About Climate Change Science

GreenTracker| Anne here, admitting that I’m one of the rational people asking about the science of climate change — trying to help thinking people: liberal, conservative and independents — sort out the science of global warming.

Swimming the English Channel would be easier.

It appears, for example, that the FOX News story from the other day is true.  America may have gone to the moon decades ago, but our climate change science data is being compiled by a global citizen army, not sophisticated meterological instruments testing the atmosphere. Just now, the government is preparing to launch high-tech satellite climate tracking.

I consider FOX News to be one of the most opinionated, agenda-driven news outlets in America. Reading a school lesson plan on climate change, published in yesterday’s NYTimes, I’m astonished to see such a dogmatic document endorsed by the newspaper, in the name of learning and education.

Op ed pieces are one thing. Classroom lesson plans are another. Today I understand why conservatives hate the NYTimes. Read on: Left & Right | Dogma Dominates Climate Science.