NYT Op-Ed| David Brooks 'The Pragmatic Leviathan'

David BrooksHopeTracker| American media is so paralyzed with partisan soundbites and lack of analytical skills or intellectual rigor, that I will only listen to a few people in today’s media world. David Brooks is on on list.

I like him because he is a fair Republican Conservative — even though many won’t claim him in the party. Perhaps he’s actually an independent thinker like me, in an independent-minded country that’s not keen on thoughtful analysis. America now prefer shouting matches, which is perhaps a natural outgrowth of our national, entrepreneurial moxie and rebellious spirit.

The Pragmatic Leviathan seems to be an accurate temperature check of America’s ‘silent majority’ mindset on the Obama administration and the president himself.

Supportive of the president, it gives him some good advice.

We prepare today to watch the voters in Massachusetts decide the future of Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat.

Whoever wins, few will spend enough quality time talking about the real meaning of the outcome.

America needs a major cleansing breath, and I doubt we will take one. If ever America wanted an effective third party, it’s now. New coalitions must be negotiated by people with muscle and a belief system based on an accurate assessment of America’s global future.

I wish some respected national publication would write an article titled: “10 Initiatives the Majority of Americans Agree On.” All we will hear today in the media is shallow partisan talk and an inability to take seriously that America is increasingly in a real mess and we can only get out of it together.  Anne