NYT and WSJ Battle Over 'Everyday Rapture'

RedTracker| There’s a hot new musical on Broadway — a little show featuring Sherie Rene Scott’s ‘Everyday Rapture’. NYT Ben Brantley loves the show, and WSJ’s Terry Teachout says that the singing’s good, but Scott has nothing to say that worth hearing … “ 

Now those are fighting words from a Missouri-guy who writes for Commentary and asks why we can’t have Conservative plays in America.

The answer lies in the brains of Conservatives vs Liberals and how they operate. Science confirms that Conservativism and creativity typically don’t coexist well in the same space. This may be why Teachout despises ‘Everyday Rapture’.

When you mix womanhood, homosexuality, small town America, religion — Jesus and Judy (think Kansas) — in the same play, it’s perfectly understandable that some members of the audience ask for whiskey and ear plugs. Better that than a whip for the buggy. Read on “Everyday Rapture” Joins the Culture Wars.