NYMag Explores Kanye West's Demented Genius, Cultural Icon Status

ArtTracker| Logan Hill’s ‘Demented Genius’ for New York Magazine places Kanye West in the intellectual bullseye of an unfolding global pop culture. The piece explores the Hawaii-based production of ‘My Beautiful Twisted Fantasy’, where rapper Ryan Leslie says “everyone checked their egos” at the door. And Kanye West set out to understand why men can be such douchebags.

West also takes on the intellectual effete, saying that the song ‘Runaway’ was inspired by a party whre he found himself surrounded by “Margiela snobs” and “douchbags” both. The artist decided “I’d much rather be a douchebag, sensitive as I am. I’d much rather live my life to the fullest.”

Hill fully explores West’s creative genius, which we embrace fully, while putting him in the same breath with Bob Dylan. We’re there. Read more Kanye West from us, including our own thoughts on ‘Runaway’.

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