Normal Reality? 70% of Moms Admit Favoring One Child

RedTracker| The complex issues around siblings and moms’ favoritism last long into adulthood say researchers led by Cornell gerontologist Karl Pillemer. Prior research has shown that parental favoritism among siblings negatively impacts the mental health of children, teens and young adults.

The Pillemer research confirms the negative effects into late adulthood. In a reality that stands oposed to the Hallmark card messages about family life, favoritism is almost impossible for mothers to avoid. 70 percent in the study named a child who was their pet and to whom they felt the closest. 92 percent of children and 73 percent of mothers specified a child with whom the mother battled most frequently.

Because the facts of family life are so vastly different from the commercial and social norms messages, the question is whether dysfunctional families are really dysfunctional but rather the new normal. This avenue of research, based on reality, could help families minimize the guilt and trauma, focusing instead on the reality of maternal attachments and the inevitable impact of siblings. via Science Daily