No More Rose-Colored Glasses About Israel

Love|Peace We update this week’s situation in Israel, with a change in government policy around the timing of future settlement announcements. It appears that Israel considers most of the week’s fallout to be a PR problem.

In fact, it may be far more serious. I — for one — have taken off the rose-colored glasses, calling all the men involved in the region: Jews, Christians and Muslims — dirty, rotten, bloodthirsty, war-mongering scoundrels.

Jerusalem is the historical place — not of peace — but of blood, in the name of God and the desire many have to have Him return to Jerusalem asap. These beliefs govern any rational|irrational decisions on the ground in Jerusalem and presumably dictate America’s foreign policy and relationship with Israel.

Seriously-speaking, will George Mitchell return to the region and actually talk about God’s coming and the final judgement as part of his peace negotiations? If Mitchell doesn’t, it’s a total waste of his time. For once, let’s all face the facts. God rules!

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