No Hanky Panky in Congress Locker Rooms

RedTracker| This question may be irrelevant to you, but yes, there is a women’s locker room, for female members of Congress.

Not trying to be a smart alec, I really don’t take this fact for granted. Having read that the Devil has moved into the Vatican — announced by the Vatican’s chief exorcist — I will never take anything for granted, ever again in my already interesting life.

Amid all the finger pointing around Eric Massa’s acusation that White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel once cornered him in the men’s gym shower over a vote, my mind didn’t go to the salicious vision of men groping each other in the taxpayer’s shower.

Because I’m grounded in positive sexuality and know that the vast majority of men behave far better sexually than Conservatives and religious leaders credit them, all I wanted to learn is whether the women have a shower, too.

Men who obssess about groping matters are usually the ones to watch, in my extensive life experience around the globe. Consider the reality that Conservatives consume more pornography. You simply cannot judge a book by its cover.

Indirectly, WaPo confirms the women’s showers exist in Lawmakers insist shower run-ins like the one Massa alleges are far from norm. I feel better now. Anne