New York Times Style Section | New Look? You Decide

DolceTracker| Who are we to argue with the NYTimes style section?

To be honest, the Spring 2011 Style magazine does nothing for us. Why they are having a lovefest with Terry Richardson beats the heck out of us.  The trend is about emotional attachment and intimacy in photos, not flatness and a total absence of glamour — which is a key theme of the 2011 season.

Madonna’s Dolce & Gabbana ads have shown us that women can be emotive and sensual in the kitchen.

The entire NYTimes Style section magazine is readable online. Make your own decisions about the tone and attitude.  We will shortly post the new WSJ Magazine. Once again we love it.

Let’s see what Camilla Akrans does with the new H&M magazine.We have big expectations there as well.