New York Gets Gritty | Elias Wessel | Love Zone

References to New York in the 70s, when the city teetered on the brink of financial default but was prolifically creative, are popping up in art and fashion media. These ‘Love Zone’ photographs by Elias Wessel featuring Tatyana Usova,  in new magazine FutureClaw made me think of Max’s Kansas City and a dirtier, grittier New York.

In the midst of its tackiness, with panhandlers asking well-heeled New Yorkers for money — sometimes five times in a single block, a more bohemian New York was culturally richer.

Perhaps the financial pressures of this deep recession and Apple’s relentless determination to unlock our artistic creativity will stimulate the city once again.

‘Love Zone’ Elias Wessel featuring Tatyana Usova, in FutureClawTip via Fashion Gone Rogue