New York and Dubai Prepare to 'Defend the Caveman'

via WSJLove|Peace Personally, we think the world would be better off without cavemen-thinking, but we’re reminded that 25% of Americans don’t believe in human evolution and 36% say they have no opinion either way. (Sounds like a ball toss to us, although the majority of high school grads or lower don’t know who Darwin is. Perhaps they have no opinion.)

We’d also like to make a case that educated guys don’t behave like caveman, although a college degree does put you in the Darwinian evolutonary-believer camp. Nada on that subject, too, if you’ve ever visited the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange. via Gallup Feb 2009

So we’ll just smile and celebrate the fact that the caveman cometh in both Dubai and New York tonight, as the famed one-man show on the battle between the sexes, ‘Defeinding the Caveman’ tries to create a few laughs while explaining why men and women still want to kill each other.

As a sidebar on kitchen murders, enjoy WSJ’s ‘When the Kitchen Knives Come Out’ on gender competition in the kitchen. Read on: Defending the Caveman, Even in the Kitchen.