New: Vanessa Paradis, Mathilda Sundqvist, Gustav Johansson

Vanessa Paradis by Paolo Roversi for i-D Pre-Spring 2011 in ‘Vanessa Paradis: The Muse’ AOC Private Studio

New editorials X-posted at AOC FP and SN FP.

Our senses are inspired this morning by darkly sensual editorials: one by Vanessa Paradis and the other a bit of role reversal with Eric Anderson being the eye candy for Matilda Sundqvist in ‘Money can’t buy me love.’

Eric Anderson, Mathilda Sundqvist by Marcus Pummer in Kurv 21 ‘Money Can’t Buy Me Love’ AOC Private Studio

A brilliantly executed new campaign by Gustav Johansson for EF International Learning Centers also reminds us that travel pleasures and learning abroad delivers more food for the soul that pure green stuff. 

Johansson’s new capampaign ‘Education First: Live the Language’ travels the globe in a series of sophisticated but sincere films that reinforce the pleasures of studying abroad and learning the language, a high priority for Smart Sensuality types who have wanderlust in their blood.

Gustav Johansson’s ‘Education First: Live the Language’ Campaign for EF International Learning Centers AOC Living