New Research Confirms Plants As Indoor Pollution Purifiers

GreenBeings| Sydney’s University of Technology has been studying the efficiency of Janet Craig and Sweet Chico in cleaning up office environments. Janet and Sweet are a great new robotic maid service. The duo is on a far more important mission: cleaning up high airborne concentrations of volatile organic copounds (VOC) in office air.

Interest in plants as air purifiers is not new, writes WSJ. People today spend more than 90% of their time inside, where dozens of common organic pollutants exist at levels two to five times the range outside. In a twist of doing the right thing, more energy-efficient homes with added insulation and other weatherization techniques could harbor even higher levels of pollutants.

In Sydney, researchers found that Janet Craig and Sweet Chico plants reduced total VOC levels by up to 75%. Neglible levels were maintained over the study lasting up to 12 weeks, leading researchers to conclude: “Potted plants can provide an efficient, self-regulating, low-cost, sustainable bioremediation system for indoor air pollution.” Read on for an in-depth scientific review about plants as superheros cleaning our work and living space at WSJ.