New Generation of Computers Mimic Neuroplasticity

FutureTracker| Scientists are working to design a new generation of neuro-computers based on the principles of calculation and learning mechanism found in the brain. The project called ‘Brain-i-Nets’ seeks to better mimic the several billion nerve cells found in the human brain, each connected by synapses.

Synapses are changing all the time — something scientists name synaptic plasticity. This highly complex system represents a basis for independent thinking and learning.

“In contrast to today’s computers, the brain doesn’t carry out a set programme but rather is always adapting functions and reprogramming them anew. Many of these effects have not been explained,” comments IGI head Wolfgang Maass together with project co-ordinator Robert Legenstein. In co-operation with neuroscientists and physicists, and with the help of new experimental methods, they want to research the mechanisms of synaptic plasticity in the organism. via Science Daily

Photo: Human Brain on Flickr