New Events Heat Up the Global Burqa Debate

Beyond the Veil | We update the burqa debate in Europe, positioned by a new op ed piece from Global Post and printed in the Ethiopian Review. As much as I know about burqa laws, I learned more tonight.

The Financial Times printed results today of a new global survey about implementing burqa laws. America scored the lowest in supporting any bans — I argue because religion triumphs in America, moreso than women’s rights.

For all the mostly men who write op ed pieces that women choose to wear burqas and it’s refreshingly modest under the tent, I’m sad to report rioting and at least two deaths in India. The rage occurred in reponse to an op ed piece this weekend, arguing that burqas aren’t mandated by the Quran. The alleged writer, who denies she is the author, is in hiding.

Fundamentalists are tightening burqa laws in India in 2010. quoting President Obama from Cairo that this is a matter of religous freedom and not human rights. Besides President Obama, the US supports burqas, as evidenced by our low response to banning them and the claim that women actually have a choice in the matter.

In France 70% of women said they were terrorized and worse into wearing their burqas. Perhaps Sarkozy is reading the tea leaves.  Anne Read on Burqas Grow As Global Hot Topic | Riots in India