Nebraska & Oklahoma Pass Tight New Abortion Restrictions

RedTracker| States like Nebraska and soon Oklahoma are passing abortion-restricting legislation that is headed to the US Supreme Court. In Nebraska, where legislators passed a new law on abortions at 20 weeks, saying that the fetus feels pain at 20 weeks, challenges the court’s dividing line of viability — an ability for the fetus to survive outside the mother’s womb.

Pro-woman advocates are looking for the plaintiff against the new law.

Dr. LeRoy Carhart, one of the nation’s few late-term abortion providers, is considered a likely candidate. Carhart, who practices in an Omaha suburb, was a plaintiff in two of the biggest abortion cases of the last decade that reached the US Supreme Court.

Carhart said the passage of the law and another that requires women to get preabortion screenings for mental and physical problems has strengthened his commitment to protecting women’s reproductive rights. via Boston Globe

In Oklahoma, lawmakers are passing a bill requiring women to undergo a vaginal ultrasound, an invasive procedure requiring an instrument to be put inside the woman. Four additional bills, requiring extensive personal information including any prior abortions and reasons for the abortion, will also be passed.

It seems that rather than passing a single ‘abortion control’ bill, Oklahoma is making each new law a separate one, requiring extensive resources to challenge it in court and also protecting the parts of the new legislation from a negative legal challenge against the whole. via AP