NBC Video Posted | 8 Missionaries Write Note to NBC Team Saying ' We Fear for Our Lives; Laura Wants to Control'

Sunday am update, with bios and information about the missionaries,  from Idaho Statesman: Idahoans in Haiti: ‘We fear for our lives’ . Also:

Meanwhile, the group fired Haitian lawyer Edwin Coq in a dispute over $60,000. He said it was for fees, but another lawyer said the money was for bribes to win the Americans’ freedom.

Also, from the London Times Clinton brokers deal over Haiti orphan abductions

GlobeTracker| The NBC video is now posted, along with copies of the note in which eight members of the jailed American missionaries sent an SOS via NBC cirrespondent Kerry Sanders and his producer, who were interviewing them in a Haitian jail.

Read on:Eight Jailed Missionaries Sign Secret Note to NBC 

Other articles about the Haitian missionaires starting today and working backwards, with our first post on Laura Silsby, once we investigated her background, sensing a more complex story that originally reported (not that the original facts of the story aren’t serious enough) :

Eight Jailed Missionaries Sign Secret Note to NBC Correspondent Kerry Sanders

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