Nature Editor Resigns from Climategate Investigation

GreenTracker| As an update to our Thursday post Britain’s Royal Society Will Investigate ‘Climategate’,

On Friday, new reports explained that Philip Campbell, editor in chief of Nature, had resigned from the panel, just hours after its launch. Campbell made prior comments to a Chinese media source, in which he speculated that there really was no coverup at the University of East Anglia, subject of the investigation.

Climate skeptics challenged his neutrality and commitment to discover, given Campbell’s comments.

UN Climate Panel Admits Netherlands Sea Level Error

In what UN climate experts call a minor error, the panel admits that it wrongly stated  that 55 % of Netherlands is below sea level.

The 2007 report included the sentence: “The Netherlands is an example of a country highly susceptible to both sea level rise and river flooding because 55 percent of its territory is below sea level.”

The IPCC recommends this adjustment: “A preliminary analysis suggests that the sentence discussed should end with: ‘because 55 percent of the Netherlands is at risk of flooding’,” the IPCC note said.

The Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, the original source of the incorrect data, said on February 5 that just 26 percent of the country is below sea level and 29 percent susceptible to river flooding. via Reuters