Nature Delivers Sexy Breeding Boost to Houbara Bustards

GreenTracker| Mother Nature herself — along with scientist Adeline Loyau from the Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research (UFZ) and the French CNRS station for experimental ecology and her colleague Lacroix (ECWP) — have stepped in to save the endangered Houbara bustards. 

Under major stress from Arab-based sport hunters who pursue the endangered species anyway, the Loyau team confirms that males still have a positive role to play in the survival of the birds.  Preferably the males are non-gun-toting, good-looking Houbara bustards.

It seems that female Houbara bustards are suckers for a good-looking male. Without using artificial insemination or additional stimulation — except the presence of a drop-dead gorgeous Arab male bird — the female birds were more fertile and enjoyed greater breeding success, due to an increased allocation of testosterone into their eggs. Bottom line result: more babies. Read on at Science Daily

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