Naomi Campbell Will Testify At The Hague on Alleged Gift of "Blood Diamonds" From Charles Taylor

Love | Peace Naomi Campbell will be testifying about her alleged receipt of “blood diamonds” from former Liberian president Charles Taylor. After refusing endless times to testify or discuss the gift of “blood diamonds”, Campbell will be heading to The Hague on July 29.

We spend increasing amounts of time explaining Modern Values vs Cultural Creative ones. The Smart Sensuality woman we reference is the CC woman with style. She likes fashion and glamour, but always leads with her conscience. Often the Smart Sensuality woman has evolved from a Modern values perspective to a Cultural Creatives one.

Angelina Jolie with International Criminal Court prosector Luis Moreno OcampoWe could get no better values contrast against Modern values woman Naomi Campbell than for Cultural Creative, Smart Sensuality woman Angelina Jolie to show up at The Hague on July 29. Jolie has been an aggressive leader in the pursuit of Charles Taylor by The Hague. We promise you there are no “blood diamonds” in Angelina Jolie’s jewelry box.

While we flush out this story in the coming days, Angelina Jolie advanced our information last summer about the impact of war on girls serving in Charles Taylor’s war. Read on Girl Soldiers Are Neglected By-products of Global Conflicts.

This story gives us an excellent opportunity to explain the differences in values mindsets between these two groups. The Modern values group remains dominant in our population, although perhaps no longer among women who are 65% of the Cultural Creatives.

We recently explained the latest research on these values subsets in our article: Cultural Creatives Now 35% of YS | 10% in Transition.