Naomi Campbell Denies Ex Agent's Story of the Blood Diamonds

Love|Peace Naomi Campbell testified at The Hague’s war crimes trial of Charles Taylor, the former resident of Liberia, that she had been given a small pouch of “very small, dirty-looking stones”, after she met him at a charity dinner in South Africa, honoring Nelson Mandela.

Campbell’s assertions undercut Charles Tayor’s denials that he had diamonds that he traded as gifts during the war with Sierra Leone.

Naomi Campbell’s story is at odds with future testimony, already in affidavits given former agent Carole White and the actress Mia Farrow, both of whom are set to testify later in the trial.

In particular, the supermodel denied an account by Ms. White from May 2010, read to the court on Thursday, in which she told a prosecutor that Ms. Campbell had been “mildly flirtatious” with Mr. Taylor at dinner and that Mr. Taylor had said he would send her diamonds. “That is not true at all,” Ms. Campbell said. Asked on several occasions to say whether her former agent had been lying, Ms. Campbell replied: “Correct.” Read on at the NYTimes