Nancy Reagan Meets Her Younger Counterpart Michelle Obama Tomorrow

Whether you’re a Republican or Democrat, one must admire the wonderful love affair that was the Reagan marriage. It’s an inspiration to us all.

I’ve always had a lot of respect for Nancy Reagan as a Smart Sensuality woman. Her devotion to President Reagan, especially in his final years was inspiring, as are her continued expressions of sentiment for him.

Even though she is a Republican, I’m impressed that Mrs. Reagan can be so complimentary of the Obamas, as she is in the soon-released Vanity Fair interview. Nancy Reagan says that Barack Obama ran the best presidential campaign in history. And I love how she chides POTUS for not bringing her to Washington, to openly support him in stem sell research.

Tomorrow, June 3, we have two Smart Sensuality First Ladies lunching, when Nancy Reagan meets Michelle Obama at the White House.

I sense that the two women will get along famously and have more than “chit chat” talk with each other. Although the Girl Talk might include adoring one’s husband. We have here two of the greatest marriages in the last 100 years of the White House.

Even when people don’t agree on everything, this is how gifted, civilized people get along together, even when one is a Republican and the other a Democrat.  A