Nancy Pelosi's Committee Chairmen Backup Team

nancy pelosi's House power baseRedTracker| Politico hasn’t exactly fawned over Nancy Pelosi, as we remember. Month by month, the go-to web read for political junkies has put a more powerful and smart-woman face on the Speaker of the US House, who is — by almost every measure — one of the most powerful Speakers ever.

In an interesting read Nancy Pelosi pals gain power in House, Jonathan Allen writes about the changing of the Democratic guard at chairman-level in Washington.

The fiercest old bulls who roamed the House when Nancy Pelosi came to power will be gone by the beginning of next year — replaced by new bulls who more clearly owe their positions to the powerful speaker.

By all counts, even though Nancy Pelosi is public enemy No.1 for Republicans, she’s not out yet. Read on about her backup team.

House chairmen levin, waxman, dicks pro pelosiDemocratic Reps. Sander Levin (from left) Norman Dicks and Henry Waxman are part of the speaker’s new guard.