Nancy Pelosi | Woman With Brass Balls

The Republicans have already declared war on Pelosi with highly personal, vitriolic attacks. I urge women of every party to consider the implications of a woman-targeted campaign at a time when American women are falling behind most countries in female political representation.

When Republicans and Conservatives call up the glowing days of the founding of America, as they did yesterday,  just remember that woman actually had access to abortions, even though we had no real rights in the Constitution.

Abigail Adams asked John Adams to give women rights in the Constitution, and he lovingly mocked her request with warm paternalism. Is this the vision of American values best for American women? Do we really wish to return to an America where women couldn’t vote and slavery built our country? The grand vision of America had a few flaws.

I will not keep quiet about a growing Republican attempt to return women to the kitchen.



RedTracker| On rare occasions, good writing takes a relentless grip on imaginations.  This moment, the writing belongs to Carolyn Lochhead, writing for the San Francisco Chronicle Washington Bureau. Just in case any of you are not clear, this is US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s moment, not President Obama’s.

Pelosi says Rahm Emmanuel wanted her to back down, taking a smaller version of health care reform that she calls “kiddie care”.  Like Rep Bart Stupak and the Catholic bishops, Pelosi also has beliefs, as a devout Catholic.

Lochhead has given Pelosi the literary tribute she deserves:

In January’s darkest days, after Democrats had lost their filibuster-proof Senate majority, President Obama publicly hinted that he might vastly scale back his ambitions on health care, and top House Democrats all but declared the project dead. But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said no. Read on for a truly powerful tribute in Women Rebels