Nancy Pelosi Will Run for Minority Leader of House

RedTracker| We’ve called US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi a true-grit woman. Amid all the post-election Republican comments that “the people have spoken” about Nancy Pelosi, she interprets the message differently.

Pelosi told Washington Post columnist EJ Dionne Jr “They had to stop me … because I am effective.”  Pelosi adds that With Teddy Kennedy dead and Hillary Clinton now at the State department, Conservatives need someone new to kick around.

Nancy Pelosi doesn’t play gender politics, although her former colleague Martin Frost told USA Today “I don’t think they could have done this to a male speaker.” But Pelosi’s rule on the gender issue is: “Don’t underestimate, don’t overestimate, just move on from it.”

Pelosi will run for election as House Minority Leader and she is expected to win.