Must Read | Black-Tar Heroin Surges in American Veins

Click for audio slide showHopeTracker| Mexican immigrants from Xalisco are using entrepreneurial smarts to create an ingenious business model for selling black-tar, a semi-processed form of Mexican heroin in America.

In a jaw-dropping first of three parts story, the LA Times explains how convenient delivery by car and aggressive marketing, with a premium on customer satisfaction is redefining the drug trade in the US. We will follow the story.

In the midst of an economic recession in American, business is thriving nationwide, as users embrace the business tactics of this new breed of entrepreneur.

Users need not venture into dangerous neighborhoods for their fix. Instead, they phone in their orders and drivers take the drug to them. Crew bosses sometimes call users after a delivery to check on the quality of service. They encourage users to bring in new customers, rewarding them with free heroin if they do. Read on A Lethal Business Model Targets Middle America LA Times