Mother Nature Asks America to Get Serious About Nuclear Power

GreenTracker| Writing Dames Take On Bioterrorism & Nuclear Waste wasn’t preplanned to coincide with President Obama’s call last night for America to take another look at nuclear power. The post was inspired by our pursuit of biomimicry and Mother Nature helping modern humans get smart about design solutions.

America’s total aversion to nuclear power, while pursuing bigger cars and limited oil supplies with no real interest in developing alternative fuels, is just another example of how America is becoming an also-ran in the global economy.

In this case, a dame called Venus Flytrap has given researchers a biomimicry-inspired, eureka moment about nuclear waste management. Selfishly, she’s concerned about her own survival and humans’ too.

We might even get up to speed with France, who gets 80% of its energy from nuclear fuels and isn’t too worried about contaminating all of Paris as a consequence of their innovation.

Wall Street doesn’t like these kinds of investments. It’s tough to get your money out in a year or two, when the future of the planet is at stake. Today, we want quick returns and cash on the table. Better to let China, Europe, India — somebody else take the long-term view. In America, we have baubles to buy.  Anne