Monkeys Can Recollect What They've Seen | Study

GreenTracker | Researchers believe the rhesus monkeys can not only recall extremely simple shapes from memory but draw them on a computer screen. This discovery suggests that human and monkey memory is more similar than believed.

Recall is a sophisticated trait essential for planning and imagining. It can also increase the flexibility of navigation and social behavior.

The ability of monkeys to recall these shapes flexibly suggests that they might be able to recollect other types of information that would be useful to them in the wild,” said Benjamin Basile of Emory University. “It’s exciting to speculate that they may be able to recollect the appearance of monkeys they know, what favorite foods look like, or the path they would have to take to get to a water source.”

The findings also suggest that the ability to recollect is not dependent on language. via Science Daily