Monkey Breast Milk Signals Environmental Reality to Babies

Body| Beauty| Sexy Breast-feeding is a loaded topic for many women. I will never forget a conversation I heard between two women professionals about their anxiety as nursing mothers. I felt so badly for both of them to see such talented women suffer as ‘unfit’ mothers, to use their words.

Reading the NYTimes magazine The Breast Whisperer a couple weeks ago, I wished Freda Rosenfeld was available to my friends. We don’t want to put another pressure on women, but ‘rhesus macaque monkeys, mothers who weigh more and have had previous pregnancies produce more and better breast milk for their babies than mothers who weigh less and are less experienced’, according to Science Daily.

Scientists believe that the quality of breast milk send signals to babies about the quality of their environment, and that the breast milk also affects monkey babies’ behavior and temperment Anne