Molly Melching & Her Tostan Ladies Seek To End FGC in Africa

Beyond the Veil| The Tostan success story in empowering African villages to make their own decisions about issues like female genital cutting and early marriage could become a steamroller.

Tostan was designated on Thursday as the model for The Gambia’s efforts to encourage villages to end FGC. In Senegal, the president recently attended a celebration to announce the goal of ending FGC by 2015. Sengal leads the African continent in this effort, thanks to Molly Melching’s willingness to listen to good advice from Muslim leaders and taking her campaign to the people. Melching and Marietou Diarra were in New York two weeks ago for The Daily Beast’s Women in the World summit. Ms. Diarra’s story was one of dramatic impact and sadness, but not nearly as stirring as the actions she took from her sorrow, on behalf of other women in her community. Listen in: Molly Melching’s Tostan | Village-Based Big Success to End Female Genital Cutting.