Models in Co-ed Fashion Show Arrested in Khartoum

Beyond the Veil| More than 25 people were arrested by Sudanese authorities in Khartoum, Sudan after performing the first mixed-gender fashion show on Thursday. The show was a mixed-gender performance but models said that clothes were totally appropriate for Sudan’s stricter culture.

“I spent the night in jail but it is not clear why they arrested us,” Sudan-born male model Rashad el-Nimeiry, who holds US nationality, told AFP on Friday after his release with all the arrested people.

The model further wondered “We were decently dressed. There were wedding clothes”. via Sudan Tribune

Several of the models were in court on Sunday but there’s no followup information presently posted.

Anne of Carversville tracked in-depth women’s status in Sudan, in the Lubna Hussein proceedings of summer 2009.