Moby Solangi Mobilizes Gulf Institute for Dolphin Relief

dolphin relief in america's gulfGreenTracker| Predictions of ecological devastation and economic hardship to the Katrina region are mobilizing Moby Solangi, president and executive director of the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies in Gulfport into action.

President Obama is headed for the region today. The NYTimes reports a new cleanup technique, the distribution of a chemical on the water’s surface that is breaking down the oil. Once deepwater ecology tests are completed, the technique may be used more widely.

Moving to Gulfport, Mississippi, the Institute for Marine Mammal studies is bracing for many new residents impacted by the oil spill. In particular, there’s concern for dolphins who are naturally inquisitive, will be hurt by the oil on their skin and also inhale the hydrocarbons from the oil.

“You know, they’re very intelligent,” said Solangi. “But that intelligence is what gets them in trouble.” It’s also birthing season for 2,000-5,000 dolphins in the region.

The institute — described as a premier facility —  has medicine, eight large pools, surgery and exam rooms, as well as X-ray and ultrasound machines and walk-in freezers stocked with fish for food. Clearly donations will be needed to support the animal resue effort. Visit the institute’s website at and read more about the Institute on 

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