MIT Media Lab's The Huggable, Your Robotic Companion

RedTracker| We’re on a robot roll this morning, introducing you to Frida, who promises not to take your job. Frida is a friendly, huggable robot who just loves to help out.  The Huggable is also the name of a new type of robotic companion being developed at the MIT Media Lab for healthcare, education and social communicatiion applicatioins.

Just as Frida’s owner ABB insists that she won’t replace humans, MIT says that The Huggable isn’t designed to replace any particular person in a social network, but rather to enhance the human experience.

Watching the video, there is no doubt that The Huggable could be a great teacher for small children. Where is Tiger mom Amy Chua? Now that she’s on the TIME 100 most influential people list, she could raise cash for such a project.

Watch The Huggable in Action